Friday, October 23, 2009

Crate & Barrel Christmas Ornaments

Crate & Barrel is offering free shipping on its Christmas ornaments.

You can get these two Silver Frame Ornaments for $7.90

These five Mini Snowglobe Ornaments for $22.50.

I think these would be cute to use these with a bow to accent gift wrap.

Cute albino nutcrackers

Four for $19.80.

Set of six Rustic Bell Oranments

Six for $11.70 -- seems like a better deal than some of the others.

This set of four lantern ornaments cracked me up because C&B carries lanterns that look like these.

Maybe they could make ornaments that look like some of the pillows and curtain rods they sell. These are four for $15.80.

Remember that you can get lower quality versions of some of these at your dollar stores, which, by the way, already have their Christmas stuff in stock. Don't wait on this stuff otherwise you'll be wrapping gifts in Ziggy themed wrapping paper.

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