Friday, October 23, 2009

Newport News

Newport News is having a "Weekend Private Sale" by invitation only. Use this link to get to the sale.

Tops & Sweaters

Outerwear & Jackets

Pants & Skirts

Shoes & Accessories

This ribbed turtleneck is my top choice from this sale.

$15 each. But still not a bon enough marché for me.

They're also having a clearance on their new arrivals. These prices are much better... starting from $5.99 (the clearance section at Newport News is always pretty good).

This cardigan is my pick.

$21.99. It would be nice if they had other colors available.

Use the codes 548 for 25% off.
L25 gives you free shipping but for some reason it drops your 548 discount to 20% off. Either way you can take that cardigan home* for $17.59.

*wait for the cardigan to arrive.

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