Tuesday, April 13, 2010

25% Bing cashback and The Gap

I was going to tell you that Loft has an extra 40% off its sales items with code SALE40. Yawn. Who cares? I checked out their sale and it's totally blah.

Have you all tried Bing's cashback yet? I guess Bing is supposed to be a search engine or something but who cares about that #2? I only use bing's cashback feature. All you have to do is set up an account with them and before you make a purchase online, go to bing cashback, search for the store you're planning on making the purchase from, click on that store's link .... go through the magical bing portal (a window opens up telling you that you're actually getting to the site through bing cashback -- you must see this window to be sure you're getting the cashback) .... and complete your purchase like you normally would.

So, what's the point of all this? I swear there's a point. There's also a moral of the story at the end of this post. And, there will be a test tomorrow. Just kidding. Bing cashback gives you cash back on your purchases. You'll see that when you search for a store, each store that is part of this cashback program has a certain percentage (that goes up and down) next to it. You get that percentage of your purchase price back into a cashback account. After a certain amount of time (60 days or so? I'm just making that up but it takes a month or two for the cash to become availabe. In the meantime it's pending in cashback escrow.) your cashback becomes available. At that point, the nice people at Bing will email you and let you know that you're cash is available. When your cash totals at least $5 you can have that cash deposited into your paypal account or they'll send you a check. Or something else. I don't remember but it seemed like a bad idea.

Right now, Bing cashback is at 25% for Gap (and possibly for BR and ON too). Just go to Bing cashback and search for Gap or Gap cashback. Shop away with code GAPSALE25, which will give you 25% off on their sale and clearance items. Note that using codes is said to invalidate the Bing cashback. But I've used codes with Bing many times and have never had a problem but do so at your own risk.

The moral of the story (you thought I was kidding, huh?) is to never purchase something online without first checking to see if they've got this deal with Bing cashback.

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